Little brother actual share 5 network combined with the SEO operating profit project

black brother summed up the SEO of the 11 kinds of ways to make money in 08 years, after two years, SEO almost entered the era of the people, some SEO money may competition is too big, or is not suitable for the majority of SEO lovers, little brother after two years of experience in contact with the total SEO junction, found that the use of SEO the network make money too much, as long as you know about the observation and Analysis on, understand the extension of 11 mainstream SEO not mentioned before the money mode, different products will output different operation methods and different SEO projects to make money, which is part of the SEO money making profits only in the hands of a few.

today is black brother share for the majority of SEO lovers, is currently relatively easy to earn money for the project, the project relative to other projects is low cost, fast money, easy operation, quick.

a single page Taobao guest

model features: the main use of seo+ profit products + long tail word + single page mode to operate Taobao guest, high conversion, high profit. Making simple, quick gains.

operation points: Although this pattern more fierce competition, the key is to find a less competitive products, and to choose the conversion rate is high, competition small long tail words, this is the key to win, to do this, so to make easy money.

way to make money: as long as the long tail keywords optimization up, to achieve automatic money. Then you can continue to replicate a similar single page, worry and effort, very popular.


the first step: to find a profitable profiteering products

second step: Mining and screening high conversion rate, the competition is small long tail word

third step: combined with Z-blog or dedecms single page site

the fourth step: the key word optimization, adhere to do false original and the chain

fifth step: the realization of automated money machine

two, access to local enterprises SEO list

features: now the enterprises pay more attention to the network marketing, slightly understand the point of network enterprise may have their own network or professional hired a professional SEO staff, or with professional network company, we have no personal advantage this business. But we can capture the local market, each prefecture level cities have tens of thousands of enterprises, so the market is still very large.

: because we are operating points for local enterprises with services, others do not have the advantage, as long as you have a successful case, good at talking about business, can call or come to negotiate business, the probability of such success will be higher, a month as long as the success of three or four list, income more than 10000.

way to make money: to the enterprise production site and optimize the key words charge, at the same time >

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