How to deal with the band aid staff

It is necessary for IT managers to learn how to deal with employees who will only cover up after the problem arises. In the IT world, I met one of the most interesting phenomenon of personnel is what I called "a class of employee aid".

– hard work

– solution to all kinds of problems which often involved

– love backseat driver

– still can work well under pressure

But this kind of

, employees also have some negative:

– work beyond the scope of their capability

– no clear responsibilities

– did not dare to say "no"

and then turn to, the same problem appeared again. Everything is still the same, we will call Jim, and he will use the manual method to solve the problem. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief after the problem was solved.

you to guess the next day, what will happen? History repeats itself. The same person will call Jim, and he will solve the same problem in the same manual way. Everybody feels very frustrated and depressed.

slowly, all the people began to anger and frustration because of Jim. Jim is always the one who solves the problem,.

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