Classification website profit point deduction

In order to release this single information classification, this easy way to aggregate users. From this we can see that Web2.0 is a very easy way to communicate the concept, do the site before operation is the website operators active push, pull way of doing business, the user actually tired, more tired of website operators. Now based on WEB2. 0 of the application is based on allowing consumers to resonate with the application, which is easier to cut. In other words, the other is a super girl, want to sing, want to say, want to broadcast news, want to write, want to make. However, once the user turns up, it also represents the classification, may be related to the local portal website, live entertainment website, competition, and classification of paper media, the Focus Media will directly or indirectly compete. The first is the user overlap, to see who has great influence. For the website class competitors, how to strengthen the website stickiness, establish influence, which is the key problem in business thinking. No user will not have the basis of product sales, the site does not have no bargaining chip influence, it will have a negative impact on the site’s revenue collection. When a web site is aggregated to a critical point, users will be diverted to the site. We first look at the needs of the users of the classification site and their daily behavior map.

so let Web form the strongest bargaining power is the key to business!

form of bargaining power it is: the site of influence, whether it is for the user or customer!

only to find the precise positioning, is a prerequisite for doing influence!

Analysis of

1, the threshold of the platform is low after the first high: Although the platform is now entering the threshold low, but bundled RSS, mobile blog, SMS value-added services, the platform competition threshold becomes higher.

2, user threshold from low to high: the superficial information release, can attract some users; but the real mainstream users in the local the most popular website used to reside, to change the user’s habits, need time and money.

3, a high capital threshold: classification of website resources competition, not only to compete with similar sites, also relates to radio, building services, media capital enterprise competition, all backing big. To do so in the eyes of the user’s influence, you must do: think of what you want to classify the site, you can find out the service staff to release information, the information can be released after the end of the day can be taken in hand. This involves entering the city advertising, increase the user knows the probability of your site; channel integration, network media integration, and each city is the purchaser or partner of the fund transaction needs are not the same, large volume of funds. According to the classification of network media operators: each city for 100~200 million budget is normal.

4, high profit time threshold: to generate influence, need a time >

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