Do not rely on advertising alliance can earn ten thousand yuan

many novice webmaster at the beginning, hold Wangzhuan the dream of getting rich, confident investment in 2-3 months after the energy is defeated, the website advertisement alliance with low flow rate and low price, in order to obtain benefits, Tingerzouxian embarked on a cheating way, the result is no exception, all accounts are frozen or delete. Although the advertising alliance is essential for most of the webmaster, many webmaster every month income are from different advertising alliance. But there are also a lot of advertising alliance opaque, small advertising alliance often appear buckle, no reason to delete the webmaster account, advertising content vulgar. Large low cost of advertising alliance, although there are relatively transparent background management, but still can not guarantee the actual click rate are converted into revenue. At the same time, the highest starting point of the large ad alliance is high, which will take a long time to accumulate some small webmaster, can not achieve the dream of making money. In fact, there is no need to get the benefits of advertising alliance to take the road, and here to say is not to rely on advertising alliance to get the benefits of the method.

1, the sale of cracked version of the charging process

this kind of sale of virtual product site promotion easier, because of the outstanding fee program often attracts the attention of many people, this time with lower price than the official nearly half, with the official version of the same charge function complete, sell the cracked version of the software is sure to be popular. This kind of program due to the large demand, so in Taobao, eBay or some webmaster trading platform can buy. Webmaster want to do is to build the site, and then buy some recent popular software integration package, launched the website online, download the number of membership fees charging system or unlimited download system, and from time to time update the popular download software, then this kind of site profit can be said stronger than advertising alliance much. If the latter can provide free updates, to ensure the program upgrade, so the promotion of this kind of site basically do not bother, when everyone says, each IP can be converted into the actual earnings, rather than advertising, but also to calculate the flow rate, click rate.

2, sell ad

a IP 1000 station in the normal way, a month income may be only a maximum of 300 yuan, is not insurance, once the site problem weight reduction in the search engine, the flow rate will decline, revenue will decline, may also not spending much income, but the sale of advertising is not the same. The price of a piece of advertising can be more than a month to do advertising alliance gains. But for advertisers is not an easy thing, if the site is local sites, will be easier to find advertising buyers, can take the initiative to contact the business, restaurant, wedding shopkeeper, similar industries can be relatively easy to sell advertising. With the theme of the site can also, such as the site theme is kart, you can contact the external website, let the advertising. But this kind of entertainment site to find the right place to buy a bit more difficult than the local advertising, advertising prices will be sold on a lot of low. Website can also be hollow

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