N reasons for Network Entrepreneurship

why entrepreneurship? This is a lot of people like to ask questions, I can only say that this is their choice, we want to do our own hard work station, and this is also a kind of entrepreneurship. Everything is like the reverse side of a coin. What do you want to do? What are the reasons for entrepreneurship? What do I say?.

1, once in the blog to see two words, deep feeling: "a person can eventually go far, often does not depend on physical strength, also does not depend on shoes, but depends on the field of vision, depending on the road."." "It’s important to find something that will make you feel excited and useful to the community and do it well."."

2, I have worked in the IT industry for several years, although the industry still has a lot of problems, but its feelings have been engraved on my heart. Whether it’s emotion, work experience or connections, I’ve decided that I can only continue doing things in this industry. What’s more, I hope to have a broader and more influential platform to do the work, and I hope to be able to do more basic work for the development of the industry.

3, an independent industry website, can break the original competition with colleagues of the situation, combined with the advantages, to provide more comprehensive, more systematic information, to provide a technical and operational platform to discuss more deeply and more fit the actual needs of the operators. At the same time, we can do some more concrete work for the industry.

4, network media has become a trend, relying on the traditional media website with little success, the main reason is that the site is always the affiliated media, media will be successful, will become the burden of network media development. It’s like CCTV’s digital pay channel and its traditional open channel.

5, in fact, such portals as Sina, Sohu and Tencent, are also expanding through various ways, such as professional editing and blogging. However, it is still very necessary to have a specific industry portal, and there is still room for survival. Because the two have different points of view and different purposes. For example, I think the articles that are valuable to the industry will not be accepted by the editors of sina, and the articles recommended by most of them are widely related to the lives of Internet users. For Sina, the purpose of professional development is still click rate, and the purpose of the industry portal is industry responsibility.

6, from October 2006 CMMB standard introduced, and has continued to the present, about mobile TV GB has been fighting. And now, the mutual influence between network media and media interaction amplification effect is more and more obvious. Even for the selection of GB of mobile phone TV such a thing was right, public opinion in the media have made very passive. During the period, there were some false reports in the media, and this was one of the reasons why I was determined to create a website that was as objective and influential as possible.

7, in the Internet age, the information is not too small, but too much, despite the Baidu, Go>

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