Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese people’s English speaking station

, I see there are already many webmaster or ready to do English station. Here I will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese people doing CJ.


is very easy to reach your goal; for Chinese, if a month income of $1 thousand, he would be smiling. For Americans, if only 1 months into the 1 thousand knife, he may not enough overhead stamp with rage, the webmaster! If a month income is $10 thousand, I think it is a reasonable income. So you just have to get 10 of an American’s income, and that’s a good income.


The weakness of the

language is hard to make up for; you’ll find it difficult to write an excellent LP.

competition is extremely fierce, because English is the world’s top players and you compete, and Chinese websites are relatively few educated grassroots AdSense and you compete. When you start to do English station, you will find the English station traffic is 100 times the difficulty of the Chinese station, ha ha.

well, let’s analyze whether you’re suitable for an English website. Before you give the answer, ask yourself two questions: how about your English level? How about your foundation?

if your answer is two bad, it’s not your best time to get involved in English at this time of the day. If your answer is "yes", my advice is that you can go to English station slowly. You can try to make one or two English stations first and gain experience slowly. At the same time quickly make up for their disadvantages. With the words of "Fan4 jin4 Zhongju Master said to me". With your experience, none of this will be a problem.

then, for the Chinese stationmaster who wants to make a lot of money, it is a necessary trend to enter the English station.

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