To do electricity providers to succeed, we must do 5 core elements

in recent years, e-commerce has been rapid development, many ground brands to see others playing e-commerce seems to make money, so also joined the ranks. And some young people doing well in their work, hoping to start their own businesses, but also "sea" into the electricity supplier in the market. But the fact is, many people put a lot of money to burn, but did not get the desired result, a loss is inevitable, so they think that e-commerce is bluff, in fact the main reason is that its not in-depth understanding, positioning is not clear, the lack of good team work, is certainly can not be successful. I do a little more than a year with their own experience and share with you, I hope that users have some reference value.

wants to do a good job of e-commerce (mainly Taobao), must do the following core elements:

the first point is what the core of the product is. Taobao’s competition is very fierce, and what people are doing, so if you do not do a good job positioning, certainly can not make breakthrough progress. There is room for survival with distinctive features. For example, if someone sells this product, I won’t sell it. What others are doing is packing, so I won’t do the same packing. Before doing, do market investigation and analysis, which products sell well? What kind of style is the main buyers of consumer groups love? Where? If this commodity is wholesale agent or contrast with others, what are the advantages? These data can be obtained through the data analysis of the Rubik’s cube is very accurate. For example, the industry sales of the top ten of the baby’s price, style, style, etc., targeted analysis, in order to find a breakthrough path.

second is the shop decoration design. The decoration design of this shop is in fact the same as that of a franchised store or a shopping mall. The consumers are through this platform to order. Therefore, it is a crucial link. As a latecomer to the industry, it is necessary to imitate others, because other stores can succeed, we must have some experience to learn from. However, at the same time, we must integrate their own characteristics, the overall replication is certainly not possible. Relevant data statistics show that in Taobao, about 20% of the shops do not pay attention to shop decoration, are through price competition to win, but such shops are bound to survive for a long time. There are 80% shops is to pay attention to the decoration, but about 40% of the style are the same, therefore, when his shop decoration must have a set of their own unique style, so that people can easily remember. Such as Taobao’s Liebo, seven princess, Yin man, early language and so on, shop style and decoration are self-contained, has very strong characteristics, in order to clinch a deal at the same time, but also to the old customer marketing has laid a good foundation.

third point is the store promotion and marketing means. In front of the foundation, in the "wine is not afraid of the alley deep" has been in the past, and promotion and marketing is to decide shop

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