A good website must not ignore the user’s online habits

, here are a few examples. Take qqmail first, and the integration of QQ chat software, to a large extent subvert the Internet users used to Email habits. Just in the top left corner of QQ, you can easily open the QQ mailbox, coupled with the qqmail itself simple and easy to use and powerful functions, whether it is office, entertainment or learning have brought great convenience. This innovation is worth learning, its excellent user experience design and has a strong technical support for QQ and Foxmail users, qqmail’s market share in the rapid growth, and has Gmail and 163 NetEase become e-mail the three most commonly used. QQmail’s success is largely due to the capture of the user’s online habits, which is an important factor in the user experience. Most of the Internet users in the country online career is owned by a QQ start, the first thing to do online every day is landing QQ, look at space, keep QQ pets, play QQ games…… I believe most of the sites are familiar, this has become China’s Internet surfing habits, and the Tencent is to take a fancy to this, will be integrated into the email chat software and grab a market share of Email.

, for example, the revision of Tianya forum. The new version of the world on the home page, page position, page navigation system have made great adjustments, and added friends information, strengthen its SNS attributes. Although at first it will make the user somewhat less comfortable. However, the revision of the Tianya times has repeatedly stressed that in order to dilute the media properties, user centric, increase user viscosity. The revision of the end of the world is greatly influenced by the increasing popularity of SNS. The popularity of SNS has posed a serious threat to the community forum, and the end of the world is also facing a serious problem of user churn. Now the Internet users in addition to landing QQ, SNS site has also become a kind of fashion, a kind of habit, but as a veteran of the domestic Internet community there only to better grasp the users of community interaction requirements, into the SNS, more cater to users surfing habits, to explore a new development the road.

in fact, there are many such examples. Such as the rise of hao123, precisely because users browse the web to pursue convenient, fast habits. Portal web page length is five times the screen, precisely because the network was slow, long page, you can improve efficiency, convenient for users to browse. Clicking on the web link to pop up the new window is a lazy way to reenter the site because the user is used to the mouse operation. Although there are a lot of websites and products to change the user’s surfing habits, but the vast number of Internet applications is to cater to the user’s Internet potential habits, which proved the "customer is God" the phrase "the true saying" stationmaster net admin5.com satisfied think respect the user’s surfing habits is to enhance the core content of the user experience, no matter what is your website, it is website content, website localization, SEO, marketing should give priority to the user’s surfing habits, optimize the user experience, increase website viscosity.

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