Alumni record and classmate record program evaluation

graduated from the University, find some students in the online book program, do a good frame exchanges between students, I remember my first classmates with CC program frame, very good, the series is very complex, it is not easy to understand, in fact, the program is not a lot of classmates, but basically is ASP the version of PHP, JSP,.NET basically no, why there is such a situation, I guess is not money, after all, is the public nature of the classmates, and traffic is also limited to students, not like the forum, community, classification of information, so SNS can find business profits, the following is my collect classmates program, add

1, Fenghua classmate (

has released many years before the program, called off classmates what, later changed its name, has launched a high school version, University Edition, the difference between middle school edition and version of the university is University version of the class can have a class department for classification, colleges or departments and professional schools use. This program is good at security, upload will detect whether this is a picture, you change the.Asp to.Jpg is not out of the way,

general program function is very good, very small, the more distinctive is the original title of class function, class management class function.

2 Maya classmate

I don’t like

, the Allen code has been encrypted, but also what the registration code, 3 is also out to buy, style is very good, because the procedures are not, and do not go on site can not be registered, this set of very old classic classmates program has rarely been brought up.

3 free field classmates

is a set of interactive classmates record class system that can be browsed by computer and accessed by mobile phone. The system of alumni system can meet the now popular WAP today students using a mobile phone Internet communication needs, so the company can always own the class website, always can use mobile phone to understand the situation of students, the exchanges between the students change the cake! > Alumni Program includes student information inquiry, class album, class message, BBS, wishboard, VOD Taiwan, class reunions, expenses inquiry, class introduction, class forum messages, upload photos, SkyDrive, support multi class administrator platform and the most popular online purikura camera function.

this site is now a blog, but from the name should be the team’s website, I do not know from the official website why can not find the information about this classmate,

4 cc alumni record

contact comparison >

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