How to keep the quality of the content and retain high-quality users

Internet is a massive information, the Internet every day how much information? It is difficult to find the exact answer, but you can be sure that the amount of information on the Internet every day is enormous, mega level, the degree of unimaginable. The Internet has already been fully integrated into all aspects of society, various functions and convenience businesses, government departments, organizations, individuals have been fully accepted and rely on the Internet, using the Internet to provide.

on the Internet websites and online media every day in the creation of the update of the original information, such as news, articles, reviews, music, video, and thus also with the effects of various factors, such as: the benign development of the Internet website also mutual reference reprint, leading to the homogenization of a lot of information propagation. For example, news of the same title can be seen on the N multi channel news channel. In this process, the information is copied, also made a lot of duplicate information, what’s more, the website is collected and pseudo original, the readability of the website is getting worse, more and more not the taste, finally unable to retain users, the site can not be very benign and steady development.

shows how important the originality and readability of an article is. Then, how can we better grasp the quality of the content of the site? With this question and the author of many years of experience in operating the site, from three aspects of a general analysis.

1. Develop excellent website content columns, plan and analyze

a good website, need to develop good website website content at the initial stage of the construction plan and specific, not only to make clear the current web editors website theme, but also allow users to access one can understand the real meaning to the current column. In the next website development process, you need to focus on the planning program, you can inform the artists and programmers focus on the place, in order to highlight the site construction process. And in the future promotion optimization process, the key embodiment, and then to the greatest extent to reflect the advantages of the site. The purpose of this can also promote the content construction of other columns of the website, and form a more complete and clear content structure of the website.

two, the establishment of a comprehensive content audit mechanism

for more formal, content rich information websites, such as Sina, Tencent website content why so popular with users, that they have enough effort in the content audit mechanism above, each article are strictly manual auditing and manual editing, to ensure readability and high quality articles the contents of the. The audit mechanism so to make the content of the website at the same time, should also make the website operators understand the original intention of website is not only the pursuit of simple flow, should put more emphasis on the quality of the content on the website, to retain users through content, and guide users to spontaneously with high quality of the original article, in this process the editor of the website, the website staff should also be good.

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