High quality external chain! Clever method does not let the bar bar delete it!


, I’m here again (though nobody knows me)….


first start in January 13th, that day, my first time in the A5 post on the front page was added, the post links is: http://s.bbs.admin5.com/thread-8826560-1-1.html

suggested that you look at this paste first, and then look at this, so that we can first break the siege of the mother, and then stick from the palm of the bar, out of the heart, ha ha ha,


at the top of this post to share some of the hair in the Baidu Post Bar chain are not shared, practical Baidu deleted very happy, add to the A5 home page, here, I want to thank CCTV. Thanks MTV, thanks A5TV… Of course, also saw a lot of friends support, see a lot of replies said this Baidu but will still be the main villain to delete, then it is the good platform for Baidu Post Bar use to help maximize the

webmaster friends!

first to an example: small station: www.shunzun.com, this is what I do in the Baidu post bar, a chain


first, you have to decide what you’re doing, you’re sending the chain, not advertising. Don’t worry about anything else. Try to send the link.

again said this example, my website is a website construction of enterprise website, if I send a clear ad (for example to build a website posted to contact me, price concessions), it will immediately be deleted, but I am not to send advertising as long as I leave a chain, so I made a clever such posts: want to do it, free to teach Kazakhstan (actually teach a hair, but in order to send the chain, do not care), is a no commercial color post plus the hair of the chain skills, very simple in Baidu post bar. A high quality of the chain, and a lot of people who want to learn to build websites, but also guide to good traffic, ha ha, I’m smart!! well, a little fancy


may through this instance, or some people did not grasp, adhering to the "help people help in the end", "send Buddha to the west" principle, and then talk about it in detail.

take a common regional web site as an example, first of all to remember a principle, that is, the post must not bring commercial color! Remember 2 words, winding! Okay, it is 3 words. For example, we can post, post title (alas, his right to tinker with a website, we see what advice), with easy, others will think you are advertising, the method then use my last post, easy to get a high quality the chain! Can also post and people interaction


, for another example, if you’re a website for cosmetics, >

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