Record my website how to walk by bit by bit

spent a few months time, I finally put the site to set up, not just to build a prototype framework, has already built up, but never spend too much time to think, to improve. Can be said to be lazy, but also because they do not have a direction, do not know the next step after setting up, how to go?. But for the time being, I think the website should be promoted first.

After the

going around in a circle, I think my e-commerce way is ahead, and should be more firmly before! Always do not know how to promote my website, promote my products, but now I believe I should think out some more ways.

never thought that I do this stationmaster interactive network ( have what not good, although this months I was not too much what harvest, but I believe the problem is more out in his own body, do not know to promotion, although I also in the months bustling about, but in the end, do not they do some what, and not a good plan, plus your business not proficient in the bumps in the constantly groping, try…… And there is an important point is that their pressure on themselves is not enough, there is no strict demands on themselves.

maybe, I still kept in circles, many people have tried to repeat the marketing way constantly, but I think, no matter how, I will not give up, at least, I’m not a cupcake man. I believe tomorrow will be better, I believe I will do better!


do station no traffic, no traffic, no money, no, I do stand experience, to do their own station a few experience, selfless dedication to love the website construction friend.

: to start positioning theme, do stand don’t always go to some famous collection station information, information that others have seen, no new ideas, many do stand, a little can, or even completely like him, I go to the forum, to some other people do not know small collection, in effect, will let me feel your station and others are different to you stand people. Only in this way can your station develop.

two: you should have your own original works. A station to do big, should also write something, don’t know all the year round to collect other people, want to write more, can’t write out, you write a month, or write out as much as possible to write. The thing to note is that it is better to write the same subject in different directions for days on end. This is reproduced, the opportunity to be discussed more, more discussions, reprinted more, your station will be famous.

three, some of the relevant forum, since it is a forum, of course is the integral system, where members can have a positive good, but also to a certain extent to prevent the malicious download a collection, this is no ground for blame. It took me a whole night to think about the scoring system and learn from it

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