Sink not down the user is worthless!

target user location and drainage work is the first step of operation, we can have a direct demand or potential demand for users to target of products through the ponds and drainage of precise positioning, such as our website, WeChat public number, QQ group etc.. There are a lot of people think that after this step, the most difficult work is over, in fact, there is a saying: Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult! Operation is the same, the people attracted only a small part of the focus of our work is to find ways to attract people, to stay, or settle down, because the only surviving, it can form the final conversion. If the user is not "sink" down, can be said to be worthless,


confused: many friends often complain about why they bring people, the crowd positioning is relatively accurate, why is there no transformation,



In fact,

is the fundamental reason for the user to the post, did not stay, see also walked, or see in your web site and user expectations are not the same, or continue to get something of value……

so the user retention rate is worth every time our operating friends spend time to study, about user precipitation, we have to figure out a few questions:

1, what does the user do to the site?

what kind of users do you need for your product? Answer: target users through precise positioning;

what kind of user’s chances of eventual transformation is large: by precisely locating the target user and the part that remains in your website;

through the above questions you should know the importance of accurate drainage is retained, in order to sell products to the right person, the user is retained in order to improve the conversion rate, re purchase rate, transmission rate; here we focus on speaking and retained close "in the operation of three rate;


, a, conversion rate: the retention rate is the premise to ensure the transformation, and there is no staying here. How can we change this? We don’t need to talk about it more.

B, the rate of re purchase: literally is the number of sales, especially the traditional consumable, this index is particularly important! Why people buy several, is nothing more than: trust you recognize you, rely on you! Or do so outside the same product, why not pick your home


extends to the retention rate. If the user doesn’t stay, can you believe him? Do you trust you?


, C, the rate of spread: great sales Ares, Jo Gilad has summed up such a rule: every customer behind, there are roughly 250 friends and family. If you win a customer’s favor, it means winning 250 people’s favor; on the other hand, if you offend a customer, it means

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