The white disposable paid annual sales of 5000 million investment projects to make money

although the world did not fall off the pie, but there are still a lot of miracles in life, entrepreneurial projects are no exception, zero investment to make money, is a small white zero cost online venture to find. Zero cost money project, after a year of operation, sales reached 20 thousand yuan. Zero cost money project, now the monthly sales reached five or six million.

"white" disposable paid annual sales of 5000 000 investment money project

summary of the early start of the experience, Zhou Yong said, probably can be divided into two stages. The first stage, as mentioned above, the first single after the production, the second stage is to take goods from the market, so the brand agent. By the end of 2006, with the small a few thousand dollars, they set up a website, two months ago, the site brings profit, only a few thousand dollars, and later, because not familiar with the operation of the network, independent website closed in the establishment of a few months. Zero cost money project, in 2007, the couple registered their own clothing brand, named Osa. After a year of operation, sales reached 20 thousand yuan.

online shopping mall

however, realize the transformation is started from 2008. April 2008, >

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