Maternal and child supplies store location secret tips

now society, because the next period of time, a baby boom is coming, so the whole baby market will also become hot up now, in life, every kind of maternal stores, also began to open up, so, in the face of competition, how to site.

The development of more and better

now the baby products industry, a lot of people want to open a maternity stores, but the venture business must face location problem, which is how to determine the location of many investors have a headache problem, only do the work site, can let the baby products store in good harvest more. Wealth. So the mother and child supplies store location what skills can learn it?

in the mall management of maternal and child supplies stores is more appropriate. One is to lock the effective customer, two is an elegant environment to stimulate consumer spending. Three is to enhance the customer and maternal and child products sticky. Heavy traffic places popularity, but is not necessarily suitable for open maternity stores. Maternal and child supplies stores in the selection of the location of the Road shop, I am afraid to avoid dust and noise interference. Too noisy places will make customers upset, not conducive to the transaction.

In fact, in the whole


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