Rural retail customers want high popularity also need to do a good job service

due to the limited rural traffic, therefore, if you can not master a certain skill to do business, I am afraid it is difficult for the operator to earn profits. The customer is God, but some of the rural retail customer service awareness is relatively weak, is a relatively closed circle, a retail store in a relatively monopolistic state, one is deigned not to do service, that there is no need to bring results.

in fact, the rural consumer groups need more services, their service needs are more urgent, but rural people are not good at expression, introverted caused by. Why? Because the rural consumer chores, less manpower, encountered when they want to consume is also powerless. For example, is busy in the field, want to smoke touch the pocket is empty; is busy in full swing, throat thirsty smoke, but did not quench their thirst. And if retail customers can deliver the goods they need in time to the hands of customers, think about how they feel

therefore, in order to do a good job in the service of rural consumers, not only to the heart, but also with love.

Huaian area every winter there is the habit of filling sausage, the average family to this time to fill hundreds of dollars, which is a big market. My store is not only selling vegetables, but also meat, especially winter meat sold very fire. On the one hand is the demand, on the one hand, or my service is in place.

now the young do not want to eat sausage is a hands-on, hard work, I have meat grinder ready, if the people in the village to buy meat in me here, I am free to send for their casings, good processing, good filling. Only this one, will be able to sell more than and 100 pounds of meat a day. Because of the quality of my meat here, in addition to the service is in place, the villagers around the village have come to me to consume, not only spread the reputation, I also brought considerable benefits.

some people think that I do not worth it, because the market is charged a dollar a pound of processing fees, and I am here is free processing. I think people can not have the money, anyway, I have nothing to do, spend a little effort to help the villagers to work, not only to attract popularity, but also increased the sales volume, yijuduode.

I think, rural shops can not only think about how to make money, the money is more important than anything else, so it is difficult to do business. To think about how to invest in the customer, invest a certain amount of time and energy, and even real gold. Because most of the rural store is to rely on human feelings to maintain the operation, you are good to others, they can give you face, if you stare at the money to make a profit, ruined reputation, regret it later. Now the rural traffic is very developed, sometimes riding electric cars more than 20 minutes can be arrived at the town, if you greed, they would rather spend time not to you here to go to the market consumption.

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