What kind of work do you want to run a good stationery shop

now choose to shop operators are very much, but it is not easy to do the relevant work, a variety of related work naturally need to be done in place. About the operation of the stationery store, I think we need to do the following aspects: first, site selection; two is to determine the scope of business; the second is to choose the right goods; the four is an active promotion; the five is to master some of the tips to operate.

is the first site.

location is very important for the stationery store, which largely determines the life and death of a store, or business is good and bad. Most of the good business students stationery shop is concentrated in the vicinity of the school, mostly concentrated in the town of the most prosperous street.

followed by commodity structure.

stationery store’s two main business direction, students and office. Consumer groups are mainly for students or for a variety of enterprises, institutions and units. This determines the structure of a store’s merchandise is mainly based on student supplies or office supplies. Here I only talk about student stationery shop. Now only stationery stationery shop is very small, most of the stationery stores are the following modes: Stationery + food, stationery + books, stationery, gifts and stationery and stationery, etc.. Of course, there are more than three categories of stationery store run. So in the shop should be based on their actual situation to determine the scope of business.

is a good commodity again.

determine the scope of business after the purchase, but so many items of goods, how to choose to become a big problem. My suggestion is that the brand commodity based, supplemented by brand-name goods. Now people tend to become more and more obvious brand trend of consumption, the same is true of the stationery store, the store has a well-known brands of stationery, then these brand fans have become a potential consumer groups. Some of the benefits of the brand is that these stationery brands will provide some shelf and image support.

if the store has a prominent image of a well-known brand, naturally attract these brands into the store consumer. Brand product is good quality, profit space is large, but the price is expensive, not suitable for popularization of personal recommendations appropriate to add some brand-name stationery, attract the attention of customers with new products, obtain appropriate profits. The best use of brand goods and Zapai both distribution mode.

is mainly used to improve the reputation of brand goods store, the number should not be much, but compared to the well-known manufacturers and well-known types and styles must have; Zapai is essential to the stationery store, style and more innovative, customer choice, the price is relatively cheap, not only the quality of products and brand-name stationery brand, you can always go to the wholesale market to buy products, greater profit margins.

four is actively promoting.


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