Huang Xinghua is how to do retail business

in our business is not good to do, a sigh, might as well look for some successful business people, listen to them talk about how the business is successful. Retail households Huang Xinghua, male, 48 years old, who lives in Anhui County, Qianshan Mei Town neighborhood committee, engaged in retail business has been in the past 21 years. Over the past 21 years, while the accumulation of practice while Huang Xinghua, while groping for innovation, ups and downs along the way. Always adhere to do three aspects of work, so as to ensure that the retail business has always been booming. In this paper, the author of Huang Xinghua engaged in the retail business experience written in the hope that the majority of retail households to inspire.

first, integrity and enthusiasm, with the intention to operate.

first, Huang Xinghua always adhere to the integrity of the enthusiasm of the retail business, the use of emotional management. Perhaps in the eyes of many people, retail business is a simple thing. As long as you can know some words, will write some commonly used words, will use a calculator, the network will be a simple basic knowledge, then you can engage in retail business. Thus in the minds of ordinary people, the retail business is a public career, not surprising, nor mysterious, basically everyone can do well, but in fact it is not the case.

Huang Xinghua told the author, in the vicinity of his home and he began to engage in retail operations in the same period, there are three people, and now able to stick to it and the better he is left alone. What is the reason? There are a lot of careful analysis. But one thing is always adhere to the integrity of enthusiasm, intentions to do business with emotion. Over the past 20 years, has been the retail business as their own to deal with, is to rely on their own families, and therefore carefully protect the retail, with good customer care. In daily operation, no matter who, regardless of whether into the store shopping, do smile, answer patiently, warm hands. Respect for customers, so that every customer can feel the warmth of the store, warm.

remember the fall of 2011, when a strange customer to visit relatives, shopping in the store. Because of the time, after paying the money to ride a motorcycle left. Huang Xinghua will put the money in the drawer, see more than 50 yuan, the original two of the sticky together in the original, the customer is a mistake as a temporary payment account of the 50. So Huang Xinghua riding a motorcycle chase more than and 10 miles finally returned to him $50. After the customer was very moved, repeatedly thanked. Since then, he has become a repeat of the Huang Xinghua store, every time I come to the relatives to this shopping, but also to his neighbor’s efforts to promote the publicity of the integrity of the business to do business in the heart of Huang Xinghua, the use of emotion, worthy of trust.

actually, this 50 yuan, although the number is not large, but reflects the Huang Xinghua retail business integrity, honest. For others, the most is waiting for customers to come back to take back, and even some simply do not recognize. This may be able to muddle through, but in the minds of consumers what impression? Integrity and enthusiasm of the business, the use of emotional management, it is important to adhere to the

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