The people of Shenyang to travel to spend the Spring Festival holiday

as soon as the new year, people gradually relax, all hope to be able to travel, let oneself more happy. The same is true in Shenyang, which projects are loved by the people of Shenyang? The following text analysis, I hope to help you, so you can learn more knowledge.

hot spring tourism unabated

new city, Shenyang and other hot springs scenic tourist reception more than 10 thousand people, tickets and other tourist income of more than $1 million, an increase of about 60%. Haicheng Geng Zhuang Pangkor Island spa, Taian bajiaotai spa, Xiuyan Ditch soup hot spring and cactus mouth hot springs and many other tourism sites continue to peak traffic.

ice and snow tourism popular

Shenyang Olympic Sports Center launched nearly 70 thousand square meters of large snow carnival, the city’s total of 27 points to carry out the activities of ice snow play play. Xiangzhou, Dalian City Resort Resort 57 thousand and 100 people, into the park spa reception tourists of 53 thousand and 100 people. Tianqiaogou Dandong city launched a snowman love exclusive venue, Huangyi mountain ring site, snow skate site conducted a comprehensive renovation, the new snow banana project.

rural tour highlights

Shenyang city Kangping, Faku County to carry out every kind of winter fishing and tourism activities, tourists can not only watch the winter fishing performances, but also to buy organic ecological fish catch of the. Winter fishing festival and the Spring Festival period, Kangping tourists 78 thousand passengers, total tourism revenue reached more than 1700 yuan. Dalian City Changhai County launched "fishing style spring" campaign has attracted many tourists to the city together.

whether the farmhouse, or snow travel, travel by people gradually make life colorful, so that more of the time, we still hope that the people in the travel fun, to pay attention to the safety of travel, it will make your Spring Festival holiday more meaningful.

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