The whole network Xiaobian to help you choose gold shop

for entrepreneurs, the location problem is crucial, addressing is equal to death, how to find the potential of gold Wangpu is entrepreneurs want to know the location, there are tips, master is half done.

a rule: the election of the


location is certainly very important, but more important than the location, is the market. For example, in the end positioning and low-end positioning of the brand point of view, the county market (and even the town level market) profitability is often better than prefecture level cities. For the provincial capital city, usually a big name and luxury market.


is not the large flow of people is a good lot? Is not high rent is a good lot? Is the shop next door good performance is a good lot? The answer is No. There are lots of young people to visit, it is necessary to fashion, low price; some lots are young women stroll, it would be mid-range or high-grade, petty…… The choice of shopping malls, mall is the same reason.

with channel diversion, people pay more and more attention to the brand, and the brand is more and more, what kind of brand will be honored as a "brand"? One of the most simple way is a street shop.

Two steps to a street

of course, if it is a shopping mall, mall are relatively perfect multi channel market, the sales >

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