90 find opportunities from different places to create innovative products business opportunities

for long-distance relationship couples, although the technology is well developed, but inevitably there will still be a variety of problems, after all, the communication distance caused by defects, a 90 students inspired, invented the high popularity of product success.

User pain points: private share feelings, let the couple have a tacit understanding of each other

several times, write code to fully and delightfully when his girlfriend suddenly send information to pay, dragons did not care to wait until the last information, time has passed for several hours, his girlfriend often loses his temper. At the time he was very distressed: personal space and two people in the world, how to reconcile? If you can do a APP, we can see each other’s latest mood, state, not only enhance the feelings, but also the best memories of love.

2012 June, ice rock workshop in a team member of the chat, pay dragons want to do the idea of lovers APP won many points like". Since the second half of the year, pay dragons began to do a lot of market research. He and can come into contact with nearly a hundred students, friends, the feedback was surprisingly consistent: lovers sharing software to seize the pain points in the user’s life, there is a market.

have the idea, will be recommended

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