Business Sundry Goods stores not only work but also generous – a of genuine goods at a fair

will make a small business booming, it is difficult to be hard, after all, the competition so fierce, more numerous large supermarkets, but it is both simple and small shop business is more flexible, and more capable of good relations with customers. In this, Xiao Bian stressed that if you run a small department store, but also want to do business to the fire, not only need to be genuine and generous, so that you can guarantee the business oh.

genuine, this is the truth that every operator knows, but many open small department store owner is difficult to hold the bottom line. Sometimes because of the interests of the trend, and sometimes because the face is not in the past, and make their business to passive. We have this residential area, there are two small department store opened, it was said that "peer is a friend", but we are very good neighborhood relations, his family’s business has been better than I am here.

at the end of last year, the village funeral, left after a few cigarettes, I first come here please I sell, and promised to lower than the market price to me, I see is not our local tobacco companies sales of cigarettes, then to the tobacco companies cigarette just sent home, too much inventory declined. That is because of the profit driven, and hard on the face, bought it, this is the result of counterfeit cigarette smoke, there is a consumer to buy after the discovery, call to report results by tobacco people seized, then get the effect is not good, after. And went to the seller, people don’t admit that it is very passive.

small department store, do is basically the residents of the surrounding area of business, people know that his home to sell fake, there are some people less than his home to buy goods. And I have always adhere to the principle of genuine, not only did not affect the business, and the original business in his home customers, there are a lot of flow to me. So, to do business, to consider the long-term business, and not only the immediate interests, petty often suffer a great deal, smashing his own brand.

in addition to outside work but also generous, genuine goods at a fair price, not stingy, but can not do a snob. We have a residential area, her husband working in the year outside, only two days in the home, because the man in wages is a year to checkout, so no money sent home, nianlia life jinbaba, hard times, even buy a money with the daily necessaries do not come out, only to my shop to credit, credit is half a year, someone said to me, you can’t give her credit, don’t call you cry.

I said, at home to live, who has no problem ah, and his family is not lazy couple skin, exactly one year, when the abundant money back, not only to pay off all debts, also invited me to his home to drink wine. I would like to, we shop to engage in business, is not to figure others convenient? In one’s power

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