The ball can join venture lighting good project

open a ball can lighting stores, open a good channel for us to get rich. Entrepreneurial choice to join the ball lighting project, the market space for development, with the choice of business opportunities, with the strength of choice. So, the ball can be lighting to join, what are you still hesitating?

small business lighting sales manager, can be described as a variety of roles in one. Small companies sparrow is small, five internal organs. I had a electrodeless lamp manufacturers to do a sales manager, to have personal feelings, in the actual operation of the passions, personal sorrow and joy deeply knowing sour, sweet, bitter, hot. Here to share with you.

first Zhongshan Ancient Town ball lighting factory to the channel manager to do in-depth analysis of the industry, the industry leader in benchmarking in-depth understanding, in order to understand the market trend, analysis of their position in the industry. The electrodeless lamp industry is concerned, we mainly through some statistical data industry research reports and industry management department (in view of occupation moral and commercial secrets which can’t show), Zhongshan Ancient Town ball lighting factory to understand, electrodeless lamp industry has broad prospects for development. Electrodeless lamp has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, good color rendering, low cost and so on. These are in line with the trend of social development, in line with market trends. Zhongshan Ancient Town ball lighting factory can see from the brand influence, a lot of factory procurement staff is very strange to the electrodeless lamp. From the point of view of the channel, the largest dealers spread to the second tier cities, three lines and four lines of the market is basically blank. From these circumstances we have analyzed, in this time into the electrodeless lamp market, is very appropriate. We decided to transfer along, the industry leader Hongyuan is also relatively weak in our province Shandong market, evasiveaction, make a market follower force in the Shandong market, "a big fish in a small pond

energy saving and environmental protection, the choice of the ball can be lighting? Very advantageous choice, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. If you join the ball to the lighting project, is also a very exciting. Come and join us, join hands in creating wealth!

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