Our province’s first township sewage treatment plant will completely change the Datong Town Village

recently, the province’s first township sewage treatment plant built in Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous county. This is the reporter on November 21st in the provincial environmental protection department learned.

in order to fundamentally solve the rural sewage without treatment, indiscriminate discharge of mosquitoes filthy, Datong County seize the provincial environmental protection departments to implement the contiguous rural environment remediation demonstration project "significant opportunities in Chengguan town built a daily processing 200 cubic meters of rural sewage treatment plant, comprehensive change in Chengguan town village.

it is understood that Chengguan town sewage treatment plant mainly deal with the town of Chengguan west gate, West, Chengguan, east gate, under the 5 wins and the village of Chengguan town government, chase a medium-sized enterprises and domestic sewage generated by 14 units. Benefit farmers 1630, 9969. (author: Wang Chunyan)

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