Xining industrial and commercial system to take effective measures to seize a large number of infrin

  since October, take effective measures to Xining City Industrial and commercial system, strengthen market supervision, to "six small" food establishments and food wholesale establishments and urban high concentrated rectification, seized a large number of infringement of beer. In mid October, according to a report from the masses, concentrate time and manpower, continuous fighting, in Lu Zhai Xining City Hospital No. 129, seized at the scene filled "pure ice Carlsberg" and "Budweiser" a total of 480 bottles of beer, capping machine 1, "pure ice Carlsberg" empty bottle bottle cover more than 2800. 2 fiber bags for filling the "pure ice Carlsberg" and "Budweiser" beer "iceberg Quan 08" 540 bottles of beer. In the above items seized at the same time, law enforcement officers to the beer market tracking, on the part of the entertainment city area raids, has also seized "pure ice Carlsberg" and "Budweiser" 1106 bottles of beer, worth more than 2 yuan, filed 3 cases, the case is under further investigation.


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