Eastern cultural innovation and cultural innovation

In order to further promote the party’s mass line educational practice, combined with the national public cultural service system demonstration area to create, in May 4th, East District of "cultural propaganda community" activities officially started, marking the first step forward in solid culture propaganda innovation, this activity will benefit the masses east.

– activities rich in content and forms. The cultural propaganda community line in time, content and schedule arrangements more reasonable. From May until the end of May, through the mass line of educational practice always span, influence range, wide participation of the masses, highlights the importance of "cultural community" activities and actual effect. First, the party’s mass line educational practice publicity tour. The District Museum set up a literary squad, loved by the choreography dance, Allegro, sketches and other people’s literary works, from May onwards, every Monday, three, five, the town of in-depth Community Cultural Square and cultural center to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice performance, widely carried out in full swing in the community. Plan activities 66. Two is a hundred excellent film into the community screenings. The sharing of resources and equipment engineering, the film company use cultural information resources library, featured a hundred outstanding film reflects the spirit of the times, close to the life of the masses, the formation of a movie team, from May onwards, the community tour show every Tuesday, four, six late, year-round screenings 57 field. Three is the art instructor into community training activities. The implementation of literary and artistic counselors into the community activities, the organization of literary and art workers into the community, as;

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