The first three quarters of Xining to achieve zero employment family dynamic zero

from the Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, Xining City, the first three quarters of the smooth progress of labor and social security, which migrant workers participate in work-related injury insurance number reached 13268 people, but also to achieve a dynamic zero employment families "reset".

at the end of September, the first three quarters of the city to pay the pension benefits for 1 billion 154 million yuan, 67 million 820 thousand yuan to pay unemployment insurance, payment rate is 100%, the implementation of "two guarantees". Xining area 22 thousand new jobs in urban areas, laid-off workers employed by the people of the "4045" to achieve re employment of 2007 people, "". Through the work of all levels of labor organizations to guide the transfer of rural labor employment 329 thousand and 800 people, of which, the new growth period of steady employment of 19 thousand and 900 people, the registered urban unemployment rate of 4.03%, in the control of the target of less than 4.5%. The new pension insurance 9842 people; unemployment insurance added to the insured person of the new medical insurance increased by 12251 people; the number of migrant workers injury insurance up to 13268 people, the completion of the annual goal of the task of 166% of the total number of people to participate in the insurance program, the number of people involved in the work of the new pension insurance for the insured person is up to 3387.

in addition, the zero employment families to implement the employment status of dynamic management, to achieve zero employment family dynamic elimination.


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