My city in the province to complete the election committee

I learned from the Party Organization Department, as of December 28th, Xining city in the province to complete the village (community) committees general.
in advance to carry out rectification, lay a solid foundation. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department to carry out the "general innovation risk assessment", the investigation identified 85 contradictions and village (community) and 72 unstable factors in village (community), take the "double three" mode of centralized rectification, and the rectification effect of 22 village organizations is not obvious in the party for the two time "rectification", laid the foundation for the smooth development of the general election.
strict disposal control, strict discipline. Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Municipal Committee and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau issued a special document, ahead of the 7 election canvassing bribery, 9 failure order and 12 failure election scene behavior were clearly defined, and shall formulate measures to ensure the smooth transition to promote. During the disposal of interference and destruction of the election of 13 cases, a total of 16 people detained, admonished the 176.

the implementation of performance commitments, strengthen the responsibility. In the new village (community) "organizing committees team members to carry out the" four commitments ", urging the new village (community)" two committees "team members a clear target responsibility, honest duty service.


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