Private investment in our province continue to broaden the field

promote private investment to accelerate the development of the province’s economic and social development. In recent years, combined with the actual situation in the province, our province based on conscientiously implement the national policy, actively formulated relevant policies and measures to broaden the private investment fields, strengthen the construction of private investment projects, the province’s private investment scale is expanding constantly, constantly enhance the vitality of development.


12th Five-Year" period, our province has issued the "opinions" on encouraging and guiding the healthy development of private investment, overall relaxation of private investment fields, vigorously expand the development way of private investment, to further improve the private investment main body status. According to the "opinions", Qinghai state has clear to encourage and guide private capital to enter the field of investment, as well as the national laws and regulations do not explicitly prohibit access to other industries and fields, for private capital to fully open, including highways, airports and other infrastructure and basic industries, municipal utilities and housing policy the construction field, the field of social undertakings, financial services and tourism etc.. "Opinions" also opened a "Easy Access" for private investment, the private investment for taxation, finance, land and other preferential policies, the development of private enterprises who meet the "project of national industrial revitalization" catalogue for the guidance of encourage, the relevant departments will, give appropriate discount loans and subsidies. Project loan principle give three years of interest. At the same time, the establishment of private investment in line with the "allocation of land directory" non-profit welfare agencies, site selection in line with the overall land use planning, will be in accordance with the allocation of state-owned land for land.

today, as the country gradually relaxed access to private investment, and the strategic adjustment of the economic structure, in order to run the forum, the provincial finance office early start, early deployment, set up a special forum preparatory group, formulate and refine the specific work plan, the organization of specialized personnel tracking and supervise the implementation of related work. Up to now, the province has been issued in the field of Finance and the famous guests hundreds of invitations. Invite famous experts to the domestic economic and financial field of vice president of the people’s Bank China Pan Gongsheng, deputy director of Policy Research Office of CPC Central Committee, Bai Jinfu, director of bureau of the people’s Bank of Chinese Lu Lei, the State Council Development Research Center, Institute of finance Zhang Chenghui, China CASS Finance Director Wang Guogang, chief economist of the National Development Bank, the bank’s chief economist Cao Yuanzheng Liu Yong Chinese etc. the.

it is understood that this forum will focus on the open development, green development and sharing development, strengthen the region along the The Belt and Road "strategic cooperation, exploring the effective ways of financing capacity, cooperation and regional cooperation, the rural financial reform, precise poverty," two rights "mortgage and other hot content, promote the development of green finance. Write a new chapter in the development of inclusive finance.


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