Join fashion jewelry chain need to learn knowledge

women’s consumption rising strength, in the upcoming double eleven I believe we can prove this point, so the fashion jewelry stores do not worry about business, for businesses, grasp the essential knowledge.

A, habitual purchase: for low price, often buy brand difference small commodities, such as gold, gold products products. Consumers do not need to spend too much time to choose, purchase behavior is simple. Consumers just passively receive information, buy from the familiar. These products can be used by enterprises to price concessions, television advertising, promotions to attract consumers to try, buy and repeat purchase.

two, diversify buy: consumers pay special attention to the price, which is changing the purchase of goods brand. This is not because the goods are not satisfied, but too much value. In view of this kind of purchase behavior, the enterprise may use the promotion, the same product price difference, encourages the consumer to purchase.

three, to resolve the uncoordinated behavior: some buy brand difference, consumers often do not buy, and purchase also has certain risks, so that consumers in general to compare, see the goods, as long as the price is reasonable, easy to buy, the opportunity is right, consumers will decide to buy. After the purchase, consumers may feel some not harmonious or not satisfied, in use, will learn more, and seek for a variety of reasons, this does not resolve to reduce coordination, to prove their buying decision is correct.

after from no coordination to coordination process, consumers will produce a series of psychological changes. In this kind of purchasing behavior type, enterprises should pay attention to the use of price strategy and marketing strategy personnel selection, sales locations, and provide the relevant goods evaluation information to consumers in the purchase, believe in yourself is made the right decision.

four, complex buying behavior: when consumers buy an expensive, often do not buy, there are risks and meaningful products, because the product brand differences, lack of understanding of consumer products, and therefore need to have a broad understanding of the learning process, product performance and characteristics, resulting in a view the product, finally decided to buy.



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