You need to know from the chef transition boss

regardless of the catering shops threshold is low, always need a chef or cook the dishes for people. For those who change from Chef Chef Restaurant, it is one ten simple. However, although easy to change, want to open a restaurant chain is not simple.

chef when others are generally in the hotel, from the kitchen cooking work is also handy, but when you shop, because of all the things to go into account, there will inevitably be a complicated things bad scene. When the boss, not just talk about it, one of the details, one can not be ignored. Only pay attention to all things, will it be possible to make the boss on the road of transition smoothly reached the peak of new business.

At the beginning of

chose to open his own shop when the boss, at this time, you need to have a firm belief, to ensure that they have no retreat, can only choose to stick to fight to win or die. The early shop will inevitably encounter some difficulties and setbacks, in fact, these are a normal phenomenon, in the process of working, who could have been the Everything is going smoothly.? As long as adhere to their own ideas, always going out.


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