What are the conditions for investment Quanjude Roast Duck

Beijing roast duck this brand must not be a few Chinese people do not know it, even foreigners to Beijing, China is the first thing to eat Beijing roast duck, Beijing duck visibility. The famous time-honored Quanjude, –" " founded in 1864 (Qing Tongzhi three years), after several generations of people start fighting Quanjude gained rapid development. In January 1999, Quanjude " " " was identified as the State Administration for Industry and commerce; well-known trademark " that is the first example of service A Well-Known Trademark in China.

" less than the Great Wall of non hero, do not eat Quanjude Roast Duck pity! " in the hundred years, Quanjude dishes through continuous innovation and development, formed a unique Quanjude Roast Duck as a leader, set " duck seats " and more than 400 dishes in one of the Quanjude cuisine. Much of the heads of state, government officials, community and domestic and foreign tourists, known as the first Chinese to eat " ". Dear Prime Minister Zhou Enlai has repeatedly put Quanjude duck seats " " elected state banquet. You know Quanjude Roast Duck shop can join, if you want to have this brand in your area, then Xiaobian to learn together under the brand franchise which!

Quanjude Roast Duck joined

1, the Quanjude Roast Duck franchisee franchise chain Quanjude Quanjude, love the cause; have the status of legal persons, have a certain economic strength (registered capital of not less than 1 million yuan); with entrepreneurial spirit and strong business background, the high quality, good reputation, reliable credit, business success record.

2, city: non municipalities and non capital city, non tourism characteristics or economic city; urban population in more than 500 thousand yuan, per capita GDP15000, developed with a certain scale; consumption and consumption ability, has the potential for sustainable development and vitality; catering environment is good, the strong inclusiveness and acceptance of foreign dining.


3, Quanjude Roast Duck stores in the main business district, convenient transportation, with a certain degree of traffic and the target consumer group; shops in the construction area of 1500 square meters, adequate parking spaces, an obvious sign; the appearance of the building is high quality, reasonable structure, suitable for food and beverage business.

if you meet the above conditions, then join the action, Do   it   now!

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