80 after the guy boiling water dumpling shop lucrative business

now young people have become very common, at the same time, young people in the beginning, tend to choose some relatively small size for entrepreneurial projects, then say the young entrepreneurs is from the sale of Boiled dumplings become.

2005 graduated from University, he and most students choose to work. In 2008, he decided to start his own business because he was not satisfied with his salary. From the climb up the middle of the night with my girlfriend to make dumplings today a person in charge of the chain store, he used only   about 3 years time,   today, his dumpling shop has been open to the 8, which has 5 stores, 3 stores  . In October 12th,   reporter interviewed the general manager of Qingdao Island champion Catering Management Co., often nine mine, he said with emotion, "in fact, can also sell Boiled dumplings big business success."

A  just start a business, working 18 hours a day

"I am 3 years after graduation to start a business." In October 12th, the reporter saw nine mine in Mackay mall. "I hope that more people know my own business history, so that they believe that as long as we can adhere to the entrepreneurial must be successful."

B  a year or so earned 100 thousand

"when consumers are mainly students, a dumpling, 20, as long as more than 7." Chang nine mine said, do not look at this small profit, but the amount is to go, more and more guests, their sales are booming. Even though it is so hard every day, the debt is reduced very quickly. Almost a year, he not only pay off the debt, but also earned 100 thousand yuan.

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