nventory of 2012 young entrepreneurs to make the most profitable projects

2012 is coming in the twinkling of an eye, we have to find suitable projects now we need young industry, what is the real right?

"puerile", also a cup of pearl milk tea in Taiwan, sold more than 10 yuan in real Black Tea square, and in this shop selling Lidengkequ, because it is cheap takeaway, half. Investors do not suffer! Think of the hundreds of square meters of Black Tea square store rent geometry, and you only rent 156 square meters of the front doors open, who pay.

"small investment, convenient chain", if done well, find the right to engage in a twin front shop, is not difficult, the formulation, management, staff dressed a clone in the past on the line, small boat U-turn, too fast; fourth, "fashion landscape", if you have a point. Take heart, know how often from Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Southeast Asia journal reference modulation method for some drink, with flowers, fruits, dried fruits, tea and other special-shaped guarantee you shop quarterly, launched a number of "exclusive recommend", invite everyone to early adopters, your business is not good to blame.

It is reported that

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