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support is the chest muscles, chest muscle exercise can prevent sagging, let the bust up. Women should have exercise aerobics, running, doing push ups and chest exercise, exercise can improve the chest muscles become fit, can promote the normal development of the chest, the breast tall and flexible.

exercise chest muscles

almost all women are not very satisfied with their breasts, breasts have always been so that women have been under pressure. The girls use breast massage techniques, but the effect is not obvious, in fact, the best time to breast enhancement, we should make good use of their own inherent resources, grasp the best period in the breast of each month, in order to obtain the ideal effect of breast

massage breast enhancement is one of the most effective ways. Sit in bed every morning, may wish to use the hands to massage the breast, the first rotating massage around the breast, clockwise, then counterclockwise, until the breast skin and reddish, finally pulling the nipple several times, this can stimulate the entire breast, breast fullness and flexible. If you were in the shower or bath massage breast, breast enhancement effect will be better.


in the three days of ovarian estrogen secretion is equal to the amount of 24 hours, which is also the best time to stimulate the accumulation of breast fat accumulation. In this best time, hurry up, such as breast health exercise, diet, massage, etc., in a timely manner to stimulate the breast to make the volume gradually increased. Want to receive the best effect during the best breast enhancement, follow the following:

breast anxious anxious to wait a few days a month

eat more foods containing "hormones"

breast massage best time: 11 to 13 days after menstruation

green pepper, tomato, carrot, potato, beans and nuts, etc., and to drink milk "especially papaya milk", but it is best to avoid cola, coffee.

bath massage effect is better

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