Do you know what are the causes of breast pain female health network

puberty is the beginning of a period of female students, this time there will be a lot of things that have never been before. For example, menarche, breast development, will be ready to think things in mind. But this time because of breast development, beginning with the feeling of pain. This does not need to worry too much, this is a normal physiological phenomenon.

after a sex life, the body structure of women and development a step forward, one of the most important development is the emergence of breast physiological changes, but if in the aspects of life are not met then will lead to breast congestion, and pain.

women appear pain, do not panic, don’t get excited over a little thing. Some breast pain means good adolescent breast pain such as you are now in the stage of development, to take care of it. But if there is not clear the breast pain, it should go to the hospital for treatment.

breast pain, feeling a bit difficult. Endure, really hurt, want to go to the hospital, and feel shy. This time in the end is what causes for their breast pain, it is very urgent to understand. So what exactly is the female breast pain, how to pay attention to?

One reason: menstrual pain

pain two reasons: adolescence to

pain three reasons: life is not satisfied

menstruation is an old friend of women, it can be said to accompany him through adolescence, girls, and middle-aged most of the time. Some women may feel that menstruation will feel breast pain, this is because the level of estrogen increased, resulting in hyperplasia of mammary glands.

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