How to open a family wine driving company

drunk driving, not only in the current was very powerful, but also endanger themselves and the lives of others, the owners with more and more understanding to the aspects of the choice of driving on behalf of the company, demand is growing. In such a market background, open a family of wine driving company?

is a taboo for drinking a driver, and friends together, also can drink one or two cups. So to car travel brings security risks. If there is a dedicated generation driving service, providing temporary driving services for drunken drivers will be a big market.

every holiday, the hotel restaurant business began to be prosperous, many of whom are entertaining the business owner or to participate in family dinner private owners. And in the past, "accidentally" drink red in the face of the drivers are now saved. Drunk driving on behalf of the company will be safe to send people and cars to go home. How to open a family wine driving company? With the connivance of drunk driving on behalf of lively discussion whether drinking drunk driving, driving on behalf of the company’s orders are like snowflakes flying.

investment analysis

drunk driving service charges can be calculated according to the times, a fee of 50 yuan, can also be calculated by the time zone, the city before the end of the evening before the charges of 30 yuan each time, after the evening of 10 yuan each time, 50 yuan. The company’s main expenses include the lease of office space, the driver’s wages and the cost of operating vehicles.


open home wine driving company? Due to drunk driving on behalf of a new industry, Industrial and Commercial Bureau no drunk driving on behalf of the classification, so there will be some difficulties to apply for a business license, a Beijing company called edge ball in the process of business license". The business license of the company operating the project is prohibited by laws and regulations, shall not operate; shall be subject to the examination and approval shall not be operated; laws and regulations did not provide approval, the enterprise may choose to operate the project, to carry out business activities."

open home wine driving company? Drunk driving on behalf of the night operations accounted for a large portion of the service, so the trust is plagued by drunk driving on behalf of the main problem of business development. But drunk driving on behalf of the company in addition to the business license, no license, in the public security and traffic departments are still unable to record, no management, no certification, some people worry that it is normal. Therefore, the company’s "self-discipline" is very important, because it can have "reputation".

can be very sure that, as long as the consumer trust, as long as the quality of services provided, open a company like this will be prosperous business, to get better business development. So, if you venture now, will consider opening a drunk driving on behalf of the company?

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