mported food is feasible

although the number of business opportunities in the market is quite large, a lot of business opportunities, however, in the end what kind of business opportunities, naturally we need to analyze. So, imported food is feasible? Let’s get to know each other.

imported food filled with foreign language, and exquisite packaging, taste is good, they not only leads to children and young people let us this slobber, can not find the project entrepreneurs ready to. The imported food chain stores more and more let us look forward to. Baidu search under the import of food, see all the investment advertising, as if this is a new business opportunities.

however, with the advent of imported food stores around the country and the quality of imported food problems have emerged, investors should be more sober analysis of the operating and management risks.

first read a news excerpt from the Beijing Evening News: imported food safety challenges again. The State Quality Inspection Administration yesterday informed the 1 this year, in February the entry of substandard food list, a total of 593 batches of substandard goods list. Among them, the United States Procter & Gamble Pringles was again detected using domestic disabled additive potassium bromate. Experts remind consumers, do not be too superstitious about imported food.

so, before joining, we should be careful to see the import of food items the truth:

market status

high margin

China since its accession to the WTO tariff fall, the RMB exchange rate rise, the favorable concentration makes the average profit of imported food is as high as 40%~50%. No wonder the imported food enterprises played a high-profile imported food, make a big fortune "slogan to attract franchisees.

no leading brand

such a piece of gold, blue ocean, but also very natural. There is no high concentration of brands and fully transparent market competition. Although there have been thousands of exchange "," more than 100 "and" hidden treasure "and" Ivy League "in the regional market to establish a certain influence on the chain brand, but because fewer stores, limited distribution, has China mainland nor a real scale enterprises to import food store brand.

threshold low

imported food to join the threshold is very low. Room more than and 10 square meters of shops only about 100000 yuan, very little savings and to cater to the needs of independent young entrepreneurs.

it is understood that the current domestic imports of food chain stores mostly, mainly from Hongkong, Guangdong,

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