Do retail business must have the courage to admit

to do business with the error, is a very normal thing. Some shopkeepers have a bad temper, obviously they make mistakes, do not want to admit, but also easy to quarrel with customers. If this is the attitude of doing business is very undesirable. So, do retail business, we also need the courage to admit.

that afternoon, I went to the market to buy food. A middle-aged woman in the booth, I bought the food, money, took the change. Is about to turn away, suddenly found in the change in the hands of two game coins.

I was very angry, loudly to the sister-in-law said: "how is it that you deceive me?"

‘s surprise: "what do you mean?"

I angrily and the two handed her, "you see, what is this?"

‘s a look, surprised and asked: "what is this? I don’t know, "

I said coldly: "you will not pretend that it is the game currency!"


said: "Hey, this is what the wicked, lied to me. "

I said: "no matter who cheated you, you can not be used to deceive others ah."

feel shy sister said: "I’m sorry, I really don’t know, so I was not intentional, this change to you."

took my sister-in-law again to two one yuan coin, listening to her words, her sincere, I believe that the sister-in-law is indeed innocent victims, my heart suddenly thrown a sour taste.

This "sorry"

sister let me, feel a warm feeling. On the one hand she bravely for his fault responsibility, and not too much dispute, and customer excuse, let the customer see her sincerity, not only did not lose face but to restore their faith, reflect her sense of responsibility, customers feel comfortable; on the other hand, I also own the original bad attitude and feel ashamed uneasy, wronged sister-in-law is deliberately deceive me.

so, I think of our retailers, every day busy with customers. In the process of receiving and delivery, there will inevitably be such errors, or neglect the customer place, but we need to have a sincere heart, the courage to bear responsibility for their negligence, Zhicuojiugai, treat others. Sometimes, she handed him a cigarette, inadvertently smile on his face, his mouth to say "sorry", can let a person feel warm even eyes, eliminate misunderstanding, contradictions and conflicts and vanished with the sound "sorry", no shadow.


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