s it tedious to open a fast food restaurant

food and beverage industry is still to have no investment of entrepreneurs, the investment of fast food shops open more people. There are a lot of entrepreneurs want to understand whether fast food restaurant procedures cumbersome? Here, the whole network will take you to see what procedures need to open restaurants, divided into application, examination and approval, issued in 4 steps.

1. application. According to regulations, individual industrial and commercial households (including individual partnership) to apply for registration of business registration shall submit the following documents:

2. review. After the documents submitted by the applicant are complete, the registration authority shall examine the relevant certificates and complete the formalities, and issue a registration form for the registration of the individual industrial and commercial households to be opened. The procedures are not complete, notify the applicant to submit.

3. approval. Accepting the application for the registration authorities after investigation and verification of its employees, brand name, site of registration, fill out the "investigation report" opened on the acceptance date of 15 working days to approve or not to approve the registration decision. Failing to meet the conditions of registration, notify the applicant in writing.

4. hair. The approval by the county, Industrial and Commercial Bureau respectively to license the following: (1) the operation period of more than 6 months, issued the "business license" and a copy; (2) operating within a period of 6 months and 6 months, issued a "temporary business license". "Business license" and a copy of the "temporary business license" must be stamped with the county industrial and commercial bureau seal.

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