How about investment Myeongdong Obama Hot pot rice cake

do not know the group has not existed chowhound that help people especially love sticky foods, such as rice cake, dumplings, glutinous rice cake etc.. Of course the catering market characteristics such as food and beverage brands also have a lot of, say, the next Xiaobian to introduce the myundong Obama Hot pot rice cake.

catering market is huge, consumer power continues to be strong, it can be said that the food and beverage market is a big cake hard demand. With the Korean Korean dramas, Korean food has gradually occupied a large territory catering market. The Obama Hot pot to half of the country’s unique Korean rice cake style, fashionable and unique taste changeable combination to occupy the catering market rapidly, has become an extraordinary new generation of Korean food.

Dong Obama joined Hot pot rice cake?

Dong Han Feng Han Obama Hot pot rice cake rich in taste authentic from South Korea native China + local diet recipes, taste of the product be made one of more than and 30 Chinese herbs, core sauce stew, nourishing health, beauty, health and. 2-3 minutes out of meals, increase over Taiwan, the package, improve sales attendant is the chef, transparent operation, cost saving, good assured and interesting.

Dong Obama selected high quality rice cake Hot pot tripe, seafood, rice cake main ingredients, natural spices with stew soup, featured in season vegetables, fresh fish, mushrooms, beans, seaweed and main ingredients together with the small fire to simmer, thick soup, delicious taste and chewy.

Myungdong Obama Hot pot taste and taste, rice cake, fashionable, very impressive dining profit pattern is novel, a pot of two to eat, eat the stew, rinse to eat, how to eat delicious. Obama and Myeong Dong for the modern way of life Hot pot rice cake and consumption habits, summed up the four Hot pot rice cake Obama Myungdong full profit model, namely full collocation, all-weather and all seasons, all needs, let you join all profit.

The above is the simple introduction of the

Obama to join Hot pot rice cake, if you’re interested please join the brand in the message below our website, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message. Can also provide you with more hot pot restaurant brand Oh, for your reference.

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