The future of the most suitable for small projects for women entrepreneurs

now has more and more housewives who are thinking of going to entrepreneurship, and many women are not satisfied after marriage to stay at home with the kids, there are more and more women prefer to be self-employed.

business community

according to operating experience of the person, the first is the location. Slippers store, choose suitable in the vicinity of residential areas, of course, better effect in the flow of people crowded the streets. Stores generally do not need a lot of about ten or twenty square meters can be, but in the decoration to have a certain personality and style, to the store customers a new sense of. Operating slippers, less investment, profitable, but to choose the goods. The purchase, various professional shoes near the city of Hangzhou, far outside the province shoe city, can become a Taohuo destination. For the first time, it is best to run a few places, touch the bottom, and then according to the needs of consumers, to determine the direction of purchase. Market vision slippers operators can engage in some of the characteristics of varieties, especially their own design slippers samples, and then contact processing production.

product agent

if you are confident about your performance in the kitchen, you can in the downtown area to set up a special snack bar. To make money at home? Only hire a waiter recommended

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