Wuhan demobilized soldiers 70% entrepreneurs

national entrepreneurship concept has gained, in addition to college students, returnees, rural entrepreneurs, demobilized soldiers also joined the army of entrepreneurship team, according to statistics, Wuhan has over 70% demobilized cadres and entrepreneurs.

11 9 in the morning, Wuhan City, more than 40 demobilized cadres in Huangxiaohe Jiang’an District No. 5 Wuhan City demobilized cadres training center for entrepreneurship training. The 2015 annual self employment of demobilized army cadres entrepreneurship training in formal classes, provide a full range of business counseling for them.

"top ten business mentor   teach demobilized soldiers entrepreneurship

the event organized by the Wuhan city resettlement office of military cadres, cadres, independent career management office, City demobilized military cadres training center jointly sponsored.

the training from November 9th to 13, for a period of 5 days, mainly adopt closed learning. Course invited the International Labour Organization and the State Department SYB entrepreneurship trainer Chen Ping, Wuhan "top ten business mentor Zhang Fuhong and other experts in teaching, the main contents include the choice of entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial team building, raising funds, raise public entrepreneurship, business plan writing, project roadshow, will also visit the business arrangement incubator, entrepreneurial success of demobilized entrepreneurs entrepreneurial experience sharing and other activities. After the training, after passing the examination, trainees will receive entrepreneurship training certificate.

in the training site, Wuhan City Jun Zhuanban relevant responsible person said, at present Wuhan city to receive qualified demobilized cadres self employment proportion increased year by year, as of now, the city has received for their own jobs demobilized cadres 1523 people, this figure is among the best in the country. With the self employment placement policy identity, identity and social identity is increasingly high, especially in the new situation of public entrepreneurship, innovation ", demobilized cadres more self employment placement way.

"this year the city’s self employment of demobilized army cadres growth on the basis of last year reached 60%, up to 113 people. Along with the reform of the military occupation of the process, the future will be more and more self employment of demobilized cadres, self employment will become a trend." Wuhan self employment office official said.

Wuhan self employment of demobilized army cadres over 70% entrepreneurs

The general manager of the Wuhan

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