Weifang university student innovation and entrepreneurship contest started today

in order to encourage college students to start a business, a variety of innovation and entrepreneurship contest held constantly, at the same time, also attracted a lot of college students have a dream see, there is a dream to be brave.

2 25, the reporter learned from the Weifang university student innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Service Center, the city will be held in Weifang in 2016, college students innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the top ten venture star selection activities. Whether you are a graduate of 10 years of college students, or students, as long as you venture in Weifang, as long as you have passion, have a dream, you can sign up for.

the contest sponsored by the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, into qualifying and finals in two stages. The trials held by the urban counties, Municipal Development Zone, in the University, the trials recommend contestants to participate in the municipal finals. Selection time for March 2016 to April, the municipal finals time from May to June, the specific time to announce the time to organize units.

specially set up by the mayor and director of the relevant departments responsible for human members of the Weifang city public entrepreneurship peoples innovation guidance committee, introduced the "Weifang 30 fiscal policies to support innovation and entrepreneurship", established the first professional college students’ innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Services – Weifang City College Students’ innovation and Entrepreneurship Management Service Center in the province. The formation of a good atmosphere of entrepreneurship and innovation of the public, the city’s University incubation base (Park) construction such as spring rain recommended

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