Small business Qiao price

face the soaring prices of all walks of life, of course, our small businesses can not wait to raise prices, but how to go up, it is really a problem.

Direct cause of inflation is the rise in the cost of

, even so, the price also is not said to rise up, and for free. Enterprises should regard price increase as a strategic decision. Through the price to achieve what kind of strategic goals and what kind of strategic objectives can be achieved, the strategy of large enterprises and small businesses are different.

inflation for some to have enough resources to support, with sufficient capacity to resist the inflationary pressure of the enterprise, may be a large expansion and development opportunities. They rely on the brand advantage, cost advantage, with sufficient margins and strong financial strength, will carry the original price to the last minute, when other companies have the price to keep the original price, the small opponent cleaned out of the industry, their prices again.

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