Hot pot restaurants operating several major success factors

now people start a hot pot restaurant is very popular, because the catering market opportunities themselves constantly, hot pot is a lot of people are very fond of a gourmet. The following Xiaobian take you to find a few hot pot business success factors.

1: hot pot shop location factor

in the site before, we must choose a convenient operation and development of the region, this is the location of the premises. In the site selection should take into account the level of economic development, cultural and educational impact, market competition, the location of the planning characteristics, the advantages of the hardware and software environment and other factors.

2: the principle of hot pot shop location

A to determine the service object. To combine the location of hot pot restaurants, to determine the appropriate facilities and equipment, and then choose their own operating grades, to determine the varieties of hot pot;

3: to implement the principle of proximity

4: to support the environment in place

the external environment to form a climate, other stores catering to the Hot pot mixed operation, such as ", " food street; " ", Hot pot city; at the same time to promote their comprehensive facilities, a variety of business combination, the formation of scale;

5: to predict the profitability of science

on opening, according to various factors, sales and gross profit for a certain period of analysis, forecast profit and benefit.

6: hot pot shop location and layout

In fact, as


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