Ali mother and Anhui webmaster to join the Anhui General Assembly notice

5.17 session of the Anhui general assembly and the Anhui Internet industry forum to participate in hot registration, Ali mother as a special invitation to participate in the entire unit to support the:

from Hefei city network vision office in the guidance of Anhui Internet Industry Association (, sponsored by Anhui Yanhuang network ( host, Ali mother received a special invitation to participate in the site, eight Anhui local well-known site: Hefei hotline, Hefei group purchase, Hefei real estate transaction network, group purchase, Anhui recruitment network in Anhui, 52PK for a long time, network game network, married Xin’an talent network jointly organized the second session of the Anhui conference and the Anhui Internet webmaster industry forum, recently has officially begun for the province’s Anhui webmaster and Internet enthusiasts registration.

this meeting focuses on two themes: 1 to explore the Anhui Internet development, the formation of the Anhui Internet Industry Association, publish the relevant statistical data of Anhui network industry, analysis and discussion of Anhui Internet industry trend. 2 emancipate the mind, rapid development, and comprehensively promote the Anhui green network culture, to create a clean network environment, create a harmonious society. Before the end of the meeting, 500 Anhui owners jointly signed a green network initiative to create a network of green Anhui Anhui


this session of the general assembly through the registration form, must be the real name system may not be malicious false, unified distributed admission admission participants, 500 people involved in the current limit.

the general assembly does not receive any special fees for non profit organizations, and all prizes and gifts are to be borne by the conference organizers and CO organizers.

the meeting time is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 17, 2008 (13:18


meeting number: tentative 500

conference prizes: first prize: Elite virtual independent server YH-VPS (value: 3880 yuan) free use of one year

two award: boutique brand DVD2 Taiwan

three Award: boutique 5 million pixel camera 5

Memorial Award: boutique paradise umbrella 10 other fine gifts random distribution.

Venue: Anhui Hefei new Wencai Hotel (four star) on the third floor multi-purpose hall in Hefei city < ten Temple Xinhua diagonally opposite the school, No. 168, 801, 234, 3 road bus to >


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