From the garage to the electricity supplier giant memories of 20 years ago Amazon

was born in the garage as a high-tech company, Amazon has now become an annual revenue of more than $88 billion of the electricity supplier Empire, is also the world’s third largest Internet Co, after Google and Facebook. In the Amazon have founded 20 anniversary, the U.S. "fortune" magazine interviewed more than Amazon early employees, let them through the memories of 20 years ago when a business days.

mission: "let everyone see the book"

1994, Seattle, a "strong capital start-up company" on the Internet released a recruitment notice to recruit talented developers to help lead the development of Internet e-commerce." Familiar with web server, web site and HTML development technology, job seekers will be helpful, but not the ability to master." If you want to become a member of the company, you must be "talented and self-motivated, full of enthusiasm, good team spirit." Employee compensation will include a large number of equity".

interested parties can send their resume and cover letter directly to the company’s founder and CEO Geoff • (Jeff Bezos).

in the past 20 years, Amazon has revolutionized the world of e-commerce, becoming an annual revenue of more than $88 billion e-commerce giant. However, Amazon was originally just a small online book retailer, founded by Bezos in July 15, 1995, began operating in his garage. Amazon did not have any inventory at the time; what books do customers need, and Amazon buys books from dealers. Amazon sells book titled "the first fluid concepts and Creative Analogies: computer models of the basic mechanism of thought" (Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of; the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought).

Amazon first employee Scher – Kaphan (Shel Kaphan) said in an interview with the GeekWire, Amazon has developed to such a scale, Bezos is unexpected. Amazon Jonathan, another early employee, Kochmer (Jonathan) told Fortune magazine: the only mission of the early Amazon team is to let everyone in the world can see the book." However, this mission will soon change, Amazon began selling women’s fashion supplies, Kindle and other electronic devices and other things. Today, Amazon is not only involved in the production of film and television programs, is an important force in the cloud computing industry, but also plans to launch third party service platform for local services, led by the UAV industry trends.

Amazon may have lofty ideals and high aspirations any other company can offer. According to Amazon.

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