2007 special action against nternet piracy ten cases announced today

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2008 the morning of January 17th 10 held a press conference, deputy director of General Administration of press and publication please, Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of the national copyright administration and the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of information industry leaders, "the fight against Internet piracy and other aspects of the case, and a reporter asked. China Network conducted a live broadcast.

at the press conference, the General Administration of press and publication, the National Copyright Administration announced in 2007 to combat Internet piracy special action ten cases:

first, the case of infringement of gold interactive company

since 2000, Yang Jianwei and others have used "Beijing jinhudong Network Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing jinhudong technology limited liability company" name, long-term with false license, illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted works. After investigation and verification, the license of the company without the right people, foreign films has authorized more than 1000, the amount of illegal business more than 10 million yuan, a huge amount of illegal income, causing adverse effects at home and abroad have been suspected to constitute the crime of infringement of copyright. At present, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of economic investigation department investigation has ended, Yang Jianwei and other 3 suspects have been criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation.

two, Qi Huilai PW


2007 in January 17th, the Jilin Municipal Copyright Bureau of Shanghai received a royal company report, saying the company’s network game "Legend 2", copied by others and making it in the online business, violations of the company copyright. Jilin Copyright Bureau quickly set up a task force to carry out investigation in accordance with the clues provided by the grand Shanghai company. The investigation, PW server location in the city of Jilin Netcom Company IDC room. By from the Jilin telecom company, the server is by "Meihekou Pengbo Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. (managed server provided by" Meihekou Pengbo Network Technology Development Co., Ltd. located in China Netcom, Netcom Company entrusted management) and rent (server Netcom Company owned, leased to the Pengbo network technology Meihekou City Development Co. Ltd.). After Pengbo Network Technology Development Co. Ltd. estuary had further understanding, the server is a man named Qie Huilai Hebei County of Xushui province people rent. Through preliminary investigation, the task force decided to transfer the case to the public security organs. Jilin City Public Security Bureau supervisor at the Scout rushed to Hebei County of Xushui Province, arrested the suspect Qi Huilai and seized for the operation of the network game Sifu 10 bank cards. After the trial, Qi Huilai confessed all the facts of the crime: January 2006, Xi buy from the hands of others to a grand "Legend 2" version of the game on the internet. In June 2006, Xi from the Internet to contact Meihekou Pengbo Network Technology Development Co., Ltd., through the company in Jilin City, managed and leased servers, it began operating the network game "Legend 2" by selling in-game virtual equipment profit, equipment price at 50 – 100 yuan. To 20>

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