CK boarded the Amazon sea Amoy first brand 60 year old people can spend most

Amazon China today released 2016 cross-border online shopping trends report. The report is based on the analysis of Amazon’s overseas purchase data and consumer behavior survey, summed up the four characteristics and trends of China’s cross-border online shopping consumption:

1, cross-border online shopping is becoming increasingly popular and normalized, black people deeply rooted in the hearts of the people of the five. Amazon China consumer survey results show that consumers have more than 2 years of cross-border online shopping experience accounted for more than 50%.

2, cross-border consumer groups tend to become younger, the family became the main group. Young, highly educated, high income is still the three major characteristics of the Amazon cross-border consumer groups.

3, cross-border online shopping become more quality, consumer quality and price concerns for the first time flat. Quality and price for the first time tied to become the two most important elements of Chinese consumers cross-border online shopping.

4, free cross-border distribution of consumer potential release. The average monthly frequency of cross-border online shopping increased user service in the trial Amazon Prime membership, Prime member station orders average trading volume significantly higher than non Prime members, 90% used Prime service consumers will recommend to a friend.

according to Amazon China data, nearly 80% of China’s cross-border consumers in the Amazon age concentrated in the age of 35. 9 or more of the Amazon consumers have a university degree and above, the monthly income of more than $5000 accounted for the proportion of consumers increased from 2015 to 62%, an increase of nearly ten percentage points.


at the same time, the sea Amoy focus, men pay attention to price, women pay attention to quality. More than half of the male consumer is to choose cross-border online shopping platform through the "shopping guide website"; and for women, being friends Amway is the most happy thing, "recommendation" is nearly 60% female consumers choose the key sea Amoy website.


2016 Amazon overseas purchase the ten categories of consumers are China clothing, footwear, baby, beauty, kitchen utensils, toys, a health care, computer supplies, outdoor sports, watches, including maternal beauty, respectively, from eighth in 2015 rose to third, 9, 4.


2016 Amazon’s most popular Chinese consumers to buy the ten brands are Calvin Klein, Comotomo, Thermos, Nautica, Timberland, Tommy, Hilfiger, Enfagrow, LEE, Crocs and Clarks. In addition to Calvin Klein, Comotomo, Thermos and Crocs, the other are the new list brand.


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